How to correctly work a GPT site

Here we will explain how to properly set up your browser and complete offers.

First of all the only browser you can use is either Fire Fox or Internet explorer. DO NOT USE NETSCAPE OR AOL PLEASE!

First and foremost make sure you browsers are set up correctly.

Make sure your cookies are enabled for whichever browser you use. Fire fox or Internet Explorer.

For Fire fox:
Go to TOOLS, OPTIONS, PRIVACY: MAKE SURE THE BOX IS CHECKED TO ACCEPT ALL COOKIES. Make sure your pop up blocker is turned OFF so that pop ups are allowed. TOOLS, OPTIONS, CONTENT TAB, if pop up blocker is checked, uncheck it.

When it comes to doing surveys, these are different from your typical offers, and you will know them when you see them. But basically they are:
Winning surveys (WS)
what she has to say (WSHTS)
RJR (which you can only do ONE time I believe)
Survey Networks (SN)
Surveys4Fun (S4F)
Opinion Direct (OD)
TheConsumerBeat (TCB)
ECN Research

When doing any of the above surveys, do ONLY ONE per group. Do not do another one.

Always let the page at the end of each and every offer sit open for awhile. Some people say 30 seconds, and this does work for most, but as you do offers you will figure out which ones you will need to let sit open for a couple minutes. Which is really no big deal because you
can get some work done at home, get a drink, or what ever. :)

So after you have closed out the offer, check your email, make sure you check the spam folder also, and open anything that looks like it could be a confirmation email. Then click where it says to click to confirm.

If you do all of the above, you should have no trouble or very little trouble getting offers to approve. Bear in mind, NOT all offers are going to approve.
We have NO control over which offers don't approve, but, be reassured, we will do everything we possibly can to make sure they approve or help you to get them approved.

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